I Have Found The Book

Can a Christian lose his salvation? 
What is the proper way to baptise?
Why do prayers go unanswered?
Is it necessary to speak in tongues?
All of these subjects and many more are dealt with from a Bible-believing perspective in this book.
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The Titus Commentary

This is a simple work that, while addressing the ministerial aspect of the book 
of Titus, is careful to show the everyday, practical use that the average church 
member can and should gain from this part of the Scripture.
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These Sayings Are Faithful And True

Was Ahaziah 22 or 42 when he began to reign?
Was it the Lord or Satan who moved David to count the fighting men of Israel?
In this book 101 supposed biblical contradictions are explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. 
We can have complete confidence that our Bible is faithful and true.
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In, Out, & Around The Bible

In, Out, & Around the Bible
offers introductory material for
those seeking a working knowledge
of biblically-related things, from book-by-
book breakdowns to the historical
setting in which the Bible came to be.
You don’t need to have a theological
degree to benefit from the
material offered herein.

Discussing Denominational Differences

Seeking to engage in profitable discussions with people from other religious persuasions? 
This book provides fundamental information from a thoughtful perspective to get you started.
Seventh-Day Adventism
Roman Catholicism
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