Mike Fluech

Head Pastor

Pastor Mike Fluech was saved 3 August 1996 in Dallas, TX, USA. In May of 2000, he graduated from Pensacola Bible Institute and immediately answered the call to go to the foreign field as a missionary. He, along with his family, were missionaries in Malawi, Africa from 2002-2011. After leaving eight churches and a Bible institute in the capable hands of men that he had trained, the Lord directed Pastor Mike to come to Potchefstroom, South Africa. On 4 March 2012, Bible Baptist Church of Potchefstroom held its first service at the Potch Riding Club in Miederpark, Potchefstroom. After the church outgrew its first location, it moved to the Roots Lifestyle Centre, which it also outgrew. Then the church moved to Laerskool Baillie Park until 2023, when God provided its permanent location at 527 MC Roode Street in Potchefstroom. Pastor Mike's goals remain the same as they have been since the day he got saved: to reach the lost with the gospel and establish the saints in the word of God.   

Garrett Ceronio

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Garrett was saved in November 2011. Since then he has been faithfully attending and serving in the local church. He first started serving as a youth leader in a church in Roodepoort, Gauteng in his home town and later became a deacon in that church whilst still ministering to the youth. Later, as a mechanical engineering student in Potchefstroom, Garrett started attending various teaching opportunities lead by Pastor Mike Fluech including Potchefstroom Bible Instutute (PBI). At the same time Garrett was still serving in his local church, attending PBI, being taught the Bible one-on-one by a faithful Bible believing Pastor (Paul Mann), co-leading a university Bible study group and faithfully sharing the gospel with the lost. In 2016, Garrett got engaged to Grace and married her later that same year. He then graduated from university and relocated to Potchefstroom permanently to work as an engineer, serving with his wife in Bible Baptist Church of Potchefstroom. In September of 2023, the Lord clearly called Garrett into the full-time ministry and he has since been appointed Assistant Pastor. Pastor Garrett now faithfully serves alongside Pastor Mike, teaching, preaching and leading the Youth ministry to the glory of God.